Theresa Greenfield Calls for Statewide Mask Mandate

As Senator Joni Ernst is pushing dangerous debunked conspiracies about COVID-19, businesswoman and U.S. Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield released the following statement today reaffirming her call for a statewide mask mandate to protect the health and safety of all Iowans:

“We all want to beat this coronavirus pandemic, restart our economy, begin the school year safely, and get back to normal. The science is clear — the best way to do that is if we all wear our masks. Iowans know that we get through tough times by looking out for one another, and this is no exception. Unfortunately, it’s a lesson our leaders in Washington have yet to learn. Senator Ernst spent the summer pointing fingers and playing politics before skipping town without passing a phase-four relief package, and now we’re all paying the price as COVID-19 cases continue to surge, working families struggle to stay afloat, and small businesses worry about how they’ll keep the lights on.

“As your next senator, I’ll never let partisan games come before the health, safety, and financial security of all Iowans. Today, I’m urging Senator Ernst to put the politics aside, listen to the urgent advice of public health experts including the White House Coronavirus Task Force, and join me in calling for a statewide mask mandate. This will save lives and put our economy on the path to recovery.”

Previously, Theresa has released two plans to put Iowa first in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. She recently called on Senator Joni Ernst to stay in Washington until the Senate reaches an agreement and passes a phase-four stimulus package. Watch Theresa discuss her priorities for the next round of aid on WHO 13’s Insiders.