Theresa Greenfield Releases New Policy Priorities to Give Iowa’s Farmers a Fair Shot

Former Iowa Governor and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack: “The policies Theresa Greenfield is putting forward today show she’ll be a trusted fighter for Iowa’s agriculture industry who is ready to get the job done.”

Businesswoman, U.S. Senate candidate, and scrappy farm kid Theresa Greenfield today released a new plan in her series of Jobs That Need to Get Done, focusing on supporting Iowa’s farm economy and biofuels industry, rebuilding our markets, and investing in new economic opportunities for our rural communities.

The new plan focuses on ensuring that the U.S. pursues trade policies that give Iowa a fair shot to compete around the globe, while holding bad actors like China accountable and supporting Iowa’s advanced agricultural and manufacturing industries. The plan also prioritizes protecting markets for farmers and creating good-paying jobs by investing in and growing Iowa’s biofuels industry. Additionally, Theresa is calling for reforms that level the playing field for farmers, ensure that Iowa’s agriculture industry is first in line for new economic opportunities in conservation, and create more opportunity throughout Iowa’s rural communities. Read “A Fair Shot for Our Farmers” here.

“I know from my own life how the decisions that get made in Washington affect our farm communities, and I know the pain our farmers are feeling again right now,” said Theresa Greenfield. “Our farmers were struggling even before this pandemic, and today they’re facing their biggest challenges since the Farm Crisis. In the Senate, I’ll put every ounce of my farm-kid grit and resolve into fighting for Iowa’s farm families, rebuilding our robust agricultural economy, and investing in more economic opportunity for all our rural communities. This is personal to me.” 

Theresa’s “A Fair Shot for Our Farmers” Plan Includes:

  • Competing Around the World: Iowa’s farmers are the best in the world. We need trade policies that work for them, while also protecting and creating jobs in Iowa’s advanced agricultural and manufacturing industries. We can help our farmers get their markets back by building international coalitions to hold bad actors accountable and reform the World Trade Organization, and by requiring more congressional oversight over the use of certain tariffs that have been used in a way that hurts Iowa farmers.
  • Protecting & Growing Iowa’s Ethanol & Biofuels Jobs: We need to protect and expand Iowa’s ethanol and biofuels industry. That means – unlike Senator Ernst – ensuring key appointees are supportive of Iowa’s ethanol and biofuels industry. We also need more aid to biofuels producers struggling during this pandemic, and robust standards and infrastructure to meaningfully expand access to E-15 nationwide, along with research into other uses for Iowa-made biofuels.
  • Leveling the Playing Field: We need to level the playing field so farmers can earn more money. We can do that by focusing on lowering the price of seeds by increasing publicly-funded research at land grant universities like Iowa State, while also requiring more price transparency, and strengthening the Packers and Stockyards Act.
  • Leading in Conservation Economic Opportunities: When we take climate action our farmers need to have a seat at the table. We must create more financial incentives for farmers who choose to employ conservation practices, while investing in carbon sequestration and new sources of renewable energy. 
  • Expanding Rural Opportunity: All Iowans should be able to get ahead and pursue their American Dream. We can create opportunity in our small towns by ensuring there are leaders in Washington fighting for our rural communities — including an Undersecretary for Rural Development at the USDA. We can also support our rural communities through investments in health care and education, and by passing a robust infrastructure package that includes high-speed rural broadband, and expanding access to affordable housing.

Iowa Leaders Praise Theresa’s New Plan:

  • Former Iowa Governor and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack: “In order to get out of this crisis stronger than before, Iowa must embrace its opportunity to lead the way in regrowing global trade, building back our rural communities, and capitalizing on new and growing markets in renewable energy and conservation. The policies Theresa Greenfield is putting forward today show she’ll be a trusted fighter for Iowa’s agriculture industry who is ready to get the job done.”
  • Co-founder of Focus on Rural America and former Lt. Governor Patty Judge: “Coming of age during the farm crisis, Theresa personally understands the economic struggles facing our farmers and small towns today. This thoughtful plan shows Theresa is ready to be a U.S. Senator who fights to increase opportunities for Iowa farmers, ensuring they and their communities can grow. This is imperative for farmers, biofuels, and the communities they support.”