E&E News: Greenfield is “renewing her charge that Sen. Joni Ernst (R) is too cozy with the oil industry to be an ethanol ally”

A new piece in E&E News highlights businesswoman Theresa Greenfield’s new radio ad, as Theresa has consistently slammed Senator Joni Ernst for her failed ethanol record and reiterated her call for EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler to resign following reports that the EPA is considering even more of the RFS waivers that have devastated Iowa’s farm economy. 

Theresa has consistently held Senator Ernst and Wheeler accountable for their harmful agenda. Her new radio ad calls out Senator Ernst for taking millions of dollars from corporate PACs and for voting to confirm fossil fuel lobbyist Andrew Wheeler to run the EPA, despite his “explicit promises” to continue granting renewable fuel standard waivers to oil refiners at the expense of Iowa’s farmers. It also calls out Ernst for getting caught taking campaign contributions from a Big Oil CEO whose company benefited from RFS waivers at the expense of Iowa’s farmers. 

Read the highlights from E&E:

  • Iowa Senate hopeful Theresa Greenfield is renewing her charge that Sen. Joni Ernst (R) is too cozy with the oil industry to be an ethanol ally.
  • In a new radio advertisement released yesterday, Greenfield — Ernst’s Democratic opponent — says the incumbent has taken “millions from corporate PACs, including big oil companies trying to undermine ethanol,” and she took “big campaign contributions from an oil company CEO seeking [renewable fuel standard] waivers.”
  • That charge is a reference to the $4,000 in campaign contributions Ernst has accepted since 2014 from Tesoro Corp. CEO Gregory Goff.
  • The fuel refining giant, later known as Andeavor before it was acquired by Marathon Petroleum Corp., received waivers from EPA for RFS ethanol blending requirements for three of its refineries — a decision the agency and its defenders said was required by court decisions but was harshly criticized by ethanol advocates.
  • “Hardworking Iowans need leaders who will work for them, but the constituency Senator Ernst fights hardest for is her corporate PAC donors,” said Izzi Levy, a spokeswoman for Greenfield…
  • After winning the Democratic primary last month, Greenfield called for EPA chief Andrew Wheeler to resign over his handling of the RFS and challenged Ernst to join her (E&E Daily, July 2).