Greenfield Campaign Releases New Radio Ad Calling Out Ernst for Putting Big Oil Donors Ahead of Iowa Farmers

LISTEN: Ernst “took big campaign contributions from an oil company CEO seeking RFS waivers” & “voted to put one of their own — a fossil fuel lobbyist — in charge of the EPA”

Businesswoman Theresa Greenfield’s U.S. Senate campaign released a new radio ad today, slamming Senator Joni Ernst for taking millions of dollars from corporate PACs — including significant contributions from the oil and gas industry — and for voting to confirm fossil fuel lobbyist Andrew Wheeler to run the EPA in spite of his “explicit promises” to continue granting renewable fuel standard waivers to oil refiners at the expense of Iowa’s farmers.

Listen to the new radio ad HERE.

The new ad also holds Senator Ernst accountable for taking thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from both the CEO and the corporate PAC of “one of the nation’s largest oil refining companies” that was revealed to be “skirting a renewable fuels law.”

This new radio ad is part of an aggressive statewide buy targeting rural listeners around Iowa. It comes just days after Theresa renewed her call for Wheeler to resign from the agency in light of news that the EPA is considering even more of the RFS waivers that have devastated Iowa’s farm economy and ethanol industry. While Theresa has consistently called out the EPA’s abuse of the RFS waiver program, Senator Ernst “has never made an unqualified call for Wheeler’s resignation.”

“Hardworking Iowans need leaders who will work for them, but the constituency Senator Ernst fights hardest for is her corporate PAC donors,” said Greenfield for Iowa spokesperson Izzi Levy. “As Iowa farmers suffer, the fossil fuel lobbyist Senator Ernst confirmed to run the EPA is opening the door to another round of RFS waivers that will only inflict more pain on our farm economy. When Senator Ernst could have stood up for Iowa farmers, she sided with her Big Oil donors. Theresa isn’t taking one dime of corporate PAC money, because instead of cashing in on Washington’s corruption, Theresa will work to end it — and she’ll always put Iowa first.”



Day in, day out. Iowa farmers work hard.

And they deserve a senator who works as hard as they do.

Senator Ernst claims she supports our ethanol industry… 


I have engaged this, like I said, for at least a decade.


…But she’s taken millions from corporate PACs, including big oil companies trying to undermine ethanol.

Now we learn that while Ernst has been talking tough on ethanol, she took big campaign contributions from an oil company CEO seeking RFS waivers.

So it’s no wonder that Ernst voted to put one of their own — a fossil fuel lobbyist — in charge of the EPA.

Even though he promised to keep approving RFS waivers.

And sure enough, he devastated our ethanol industry.

We need a senator who puts Iowa first.


I’m Theresa Greenfield, and I don’t take a dime of corporate PAC money.

Because we need a senator who works for Iowa.